Mining & Energy

Continual exposure to risk

From a technical viewpoint, a mine is an extremely complex structure. Extracting and processing raw materials requires a variety of disciplines to work in harmony, with everyone visualising the miner working under difficult conditions.

Therefore, the question of risk management for mining operations is a sensitive subject and all the more so as it involves every aspect of the undertaking: environmental, natural, technological and socio-economic risks.

The concept of acceptable risk is intrinsically linked to the quality of the on-site medical response that we provide:

–  a mobile clinic at the start of the installation phase;

– a medical facility with a consultation room, emergency services, analysis laboratory, observation room, etc.;

– air and/or road transport facilities;

– lists of local service providers : referral clinics, pharmacists, etc..;

– medicalization of the site and medevacs though partners;

– a medical hotline;

– assistance for local communities.

Each situation and each client has their own special characteristics, which we strictly follow in the form of our recommendations for use.

Examples given :

Provision of turnkey mobile clinic

Location : Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
Client : True Gold

Logo true gold

First Aid training and Manikins

Location : Mongbwalu, DRC
Client : Anglogold Ashanti
Logo anglogold