Occupational health and safety at work

Every company is concerned about exposure to industrial hazards operated by its staff: physical hazards posed by machinery, noise, materials handling or chemical, radiological and other types of hazard.

Risk generators are classified on the basis of three types of effect:

– thermal effects: combustion of a flammable product or explosion;

– mechanical effects: excessive pressure resulting from a shockwave (deflagration or detonation) resulting from an explosion, in order to determine the associated effects (lesions of the eardrums, lungs, etc.);

– the toxic effects caused by inhaling a toxic chemical substance (chlorine, ammonia, phosgene, etc.), following leakage from an installation. Typical effects resulting from such inhalation may include, for example, pulmonary oedema or damage to the nervous system.

At isolated sites, the urgency of first aid and stabilisation of the patient before he is transferred to a medical treatment unit are of vital importance.

Medequip Integrated Services provides industrial companies with a medical response that is not only based on medical supplies, emergency assistance, stabilizing or transferring a patient for hospitalization, but one that also covers accident prevention and first aid training in order to reduce the risk at the source.

Examples given :

Rehabilitation of the Clinic

Location : Obagi, Nigeria
Client : Ponticelli-Total
Logo pointicelli

Turnkey Ambulances and hospital

Location : Calabar, Nigeria
Client : UniCem Cement