Regional characteristics

The shortage of medical personnel in Africa is considerable: in the majority of African countries the number of individuals suffering from arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer or diabetes is unknown; only three-quarters of new HIV infections for example and three-quarters of the deaths from AIDS are recorded.

The absence of any epidemiological study – either quantitative or qualitative – of the extent of existing diseases and of new infectious diseases means that service companies are unable to avoid health risks, even in urban areas.

Medequip Integrated Services is offering healthcare solutions that are appropriate to each regional characteristic  to fight the malaria risk in pandemic regions, the HIV and Ebola  in exposed areas, or any risk caused by the lack of medical structures.

Examples given :

AEDs “for all”

Locations : 47 African countries
Client : Bollore Africa Logistics
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Ebola Virus Disease P.P.E.

Location : Guinea Conakry
Client : EPC