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Dedicated emergency medical equipment

The technical director at the French Petroleum Institute has remarked that “Feedback from accidents and the improvement of safety measures are essential and are implemented as a matter of routine.” He stressed, however, that “there is no generic solution. Each location is unique and requires the validation of equipment and dedicated hardware.

Faced with these risks, regulations governing safety are becoming more stringent.

Thanks to our experience with these onshore and offshore sectors, implementation of our medical response tools is adapted to each situation, based on the strenuous working conditions and the risks incurred.

It proceeds with the provision of malaria diagnosis and curative kits for individuals who have spent time in a malaria-endemic area, not least at the time of shift rotations (please refer to the Malaria section of our website).

Few samples :

Individual Malaria Rapid Diagnostic and Curative kits

Locations : Available in all sub-saharan countries

Ebola Virus Disease protection tools

Locations : Available in West Africa and in most of the offshore rigs