Tropical diseases prevention, diagnosis and treatment

We manufacture and personalize Malaria Rapid Diagnostic and Curative kits:

Individual or clinical solutions to fight against Malaria, we offer a wide range of efficient prevention and diagnostic tools:

  • Vector control,
  • Repellents et insecticides,
  • Impregnated mosquito nets,
  • Malaria Rapid Diagnostic and Curative kits,
  • Malaria Alert Cards,
  • Medical hotline 24/7,
  • Clinical solutions,
  • E-learning…

Ebola Virus Disease: Prevention and PPEs

Design of a personal protection kit intended for use by medical personnel, conforming to industrial standard EN14126. Compilation of a familiarisation programme for all staffs working in at-risk areas.


Fight against HIV Aids

Our rapid tests and clinical equipments provide HIV/AIDS screening solutions that are essential for our clients on isolated sites.

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Examples given :

Personal rapid diagnostic & curative kits 

Locations : Africa and Europe Clients : Corporate firms and individuals Logo maersk oilLogo ShellLogo transocean

HIV rapid diagnostic

Location : Sierra Leone Client : Sierra Rutile Ltd sierra